Saturday, October 5, 2013

Jyll's Morning Routine!

  Jyll was just about now waking up!

 As she sat up she said "Awe... That was a good dream," As she thought about her meeting a unicorn and going to a secret land to save all all of the unicorns so they won't go extinct!

 Jyll knew another day was about to begin so she got ready! She took of all the covers and got straight to her morning routine!

 She got of her bed and climb over Georgia's bed.

 She went to her dresser and looked through all her clothes!
She finally decided on an outfit!
 "This is perfect," Jyll said excited.
 Then Jyll went to the bathroom and did her hair. "A casual braid is perfect," she announced to herself.

After she did her hair she went out into the living room and ate some bacon for breakfast!

Hope you enjoyed Jyll's morning routine! TTYL!


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