Winkies and Georgias dolls

Winkies dolls 
Name: Rebecka Eleanor
Nickname: Becka Ellie, Becka
Hobbies: dance (mostly ballet), playing with little kids, and asking questions 
Favorite color: sea foam green
Favorite food: Katetryns cookies
Favorite animal: elephants!
Birthday: August 1st-- 10 years old
Personality: sweet and shy, curious

Name: Katetryn Margaret
Nicknames: kit
Hobbies: cooking!, skiing, and creating pictures and art
Favorite color: bright blue
Favorite food: (can't decide)
Favorite animal: tiger
Birthday: May 18th-- 12 years old
Personality: creative and adventurous

Name: Phoenix Marjorie
Nickname: bird
Hobbies: photography, designing outfits, learning more about nature!
Favorite color: ruby red
Favorite food: katetryns cookies
Favorite animal: birds
Birthday: April 28th-- 13 years old
Personality: nature lover and dreamer

*Jyll Annalise B.
*I got Jyll on April 11th for my 5th Birthday!

*Kanani Maddie Belle Akina
 *I saved up for Kanani and bought her off line on November 9th

*Marie Josephina Montoya
*I got Josie 2011 on December 25th


*Name- Vanessa Emily B.                                                  
 *I got Vanessa for my birthday in 2012 April 21st                
* Loves cooking and baking!